Our Mission

In August 2021, Musician Lives Matter, founded by Nigel Lawrence, expanded its reach by becoming a Non Profit Organization. Our mission is to help musicians all over with Financial, Mental Health and Medical needs. 

We want to help musicians make a living from their passion and talent by removing some of the obstacles. Whether it's providing assistance with equipment and instruments, affordable or free studio time, connecting musicians with our partnering mental health professionals to overcome depression or anxiety, or connecting with our partnering medical professionals for reduced-cost of free healthcare and even health insurance... these are just a few examples how Musician Lives Matter can assist musicians with their own needs and providing for their families without having to sacrifice their career in music. 

Can you imagine a world without music? Neither can we. Let's keep the music going by supporting the artists that enrich our lives. 

A video from Nigel on National Non-Profit Day, discussing more about the mission of Musician Lives Matter:


Want to help?

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